One Life to Live Spoilers! Week of November 9, 2009



Monday November 9:

Jared vows that he is innocent.

Jessica comes across something shocking . . . .Nash’s dead body!!!

A “Mystery Man” reveals himself to Natalie, Jared and Jessica!

Gigi confesses while she is drunk to Schuyler, who refuses to make love to her.

Rex finds out who is real father is. . . . Mitch!

Fish is called away from his first date back with Kyle. . . . he’s called to investigate Nash’s grave robbery!

Cris and Layla get some advice.


Tuesday November 10:

Natalie, Jessica and Jared are faced with Mitch. a.k.a the Mystery Man.

Rex can’t believe who his father is. . . .Mitch.

Bo, Nora and Tea find out Matthew and Dani took off out of the school to get Matthews surgery.


Wednesday November 11:

Brody and John have to rush to save Natalie and Jessica.

Blair witnesses some of Ross’ bad side.

Viki promises to always be there for Charlie.


Thursday November 12:

Jared’s life is in danger. . . . he gets shot!!!

Blair and Ross make a deal.

Elijah begs Tea to tell Todd about how Dani is his daughter.


Friday November 13:

Rex faces off with Roxy about Mitch being his father.

Bo and Nora are too late and can’t stop Matthew’s surgery.

Charlie’s past resurfaces.

Jared gets shot!
Jared gets shot!

Reports say the character of Jared is leaving Llanview for good.  .  .  .  .

Mitch is going to be affecting lots of people, including Viki, Dorian, Jessica, and Natalie.

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