One Life to Live Spoilers! Week of November 16, 2009

*Spoiler Alert*


Monday November 16:

Natalie is torn to pieces as she watches Jared’s body get taken away!

Rex demands that he gets answers from Roxy.

Nora and Bo hear more about Matthew’s surgery, it wasn’t a success.

After hearing about Matthew’s surgery Greg works on him and tells Nora and Bo that he thinks he’ll walk again!

After Markko hears Dorian lost the election by only one vote he confesses to Langston.


Tuesday November 17:

 Clint’s phone call filles Bo and Nora with guilt.

Blair prevents Todd from telling Tea his true feelings.

Rachel urges Tea to tell the truth about Dani.


Wednesday November 18:

Natalie is consumed by reality.

Blair makes her move.

Charlie gets filled with guilt.


Thursday November 19:

Natalie lashes out at John.

Jessica demands some answers.

Tea tells Ross the truth about how Dani is not his daughter!


Friday November 20:

Stacey goes after Roxy.

Todd finds out Dani is his daughter.

Ross gets violent!


Something happens in Llanview that turns into a hostage situation. . .

Hostage Situation





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