One Life To Live Spoilers! Week of November 23, 2009

*Spolier Alert*



Monday November 23:

When Kim and Stacy get caught by Schuyler they lie to him and say the baby is actually his. . . . even though we knows its Fish’s.

Mitch desides to write a letter to Jessica and gets it sent to her!

Todd rescues Tea from Ross!  Then confronts her about her daughter!

Natalie warns Rex not to contact Mitch.

Natalie and Rex reject Roxy. . .Roxy becomes upset.


Tuesday November 24:

After getting caught and lieing Stacy and Kim make a deal with Schuyler – Schuyler stays queit about the baby’s paternity and Kim and Stacy won’t tell Rex about Gigi leaving his room.

After hearing Ross attaked Tea, Dani blames Todd for it all.

Dani ends up calling the cops!

Dani tells everybody that Todd and Tea were kidnapping her!

Todd finds out Dani is his daughter!!!

Markko confesses to Dorian.

Viki steps down as mayor!


Wednesday November 24:

Everybody in Llanview celebrates Thanksgiving!

Matthew feels his legs!!!

Dorian has to decide if she wants power, or love. . . .


Thursday November 25:


Though they will be playing a repeat.


Friday November 26:

Again. . .  NO ONE LIFE TO LIVE : (


Because Viki Steps down Dorian takes place as Mayor!


lol personally i think Crystal Hunt (the person who plays Stacy) has to be a good actor to act so mean. . .


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