One Life To Live Spoilers! Week of November 30, 2009

*Spoiler Alert*


Monday November 30:

Jessica reads the letter from Mitch sent from jail.

Kim meets with Clint and lies about Jared giving her a job before he died. . . . Clint believes her!

Schuyler thinks about what would happen if he told Gigi what Stacy told him.

Rex goes to Stacy and tells her about Mitch.

Dani goes back to the hospital and tries to hide in Matthews room.

David slips about Bo and Nora after arguing with Kevin.

Tuesday December 1:

Rex tells Jessica that him and her are brother/sister.

Roxy comforts Natalie.

Charlie is haunted by his past

Todd plans on being there for Dani as a father, Tea tries to convince him other wise.

Tea tells Todd the Blair knew the whole time.

John hears news about Mitch.

Wednesday December 2:

Dorian takes place as mayor.

Mitch shocks many, when he gets out of jail!

Natalie hopes Mitch doesn’t get out with no harm done.

Thursday December 3:

Mitch goes after Charlie.

Dorian gets serious about her new mayor title.

Ross and Todd have a fight over Dani.

Friday December 4:

Dorian is threatened by Mitch, in what way is what we will find out. . . .


The hostage situation is actually when Ross takes Dani and tries to run away with her. . . .


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