What Bothers You The Most?

          Ok so we are doing this thing for school where we are talking about what

really gets on people’s nerves.  We have to write a paper, and explain out of

the however many people that told us what bothers them, what is was and if

we agree and blah blah blah.  So if you happen to come to this Blog and read

this question could you please comment 🙂  lol I posted the same question all

over the web so if you pass by it again you will know its me.  But seriously it

has be something that happends all the time so some people can relate to it.


P.S. Example: Mine is I can absolutly NOT STAND when people think they know everything.  You ask a question and suddenly they are the expert, they went to some country one time lol and they come back an expert! CAN NOT STAND IT!!!! Ahhhhhh lol

Please comment with what you cant stand!


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