One Life To Live Spoilers for Feb. Sweeps Week!!! 2010!

*Spoiler Alert!*

February Sweeps!

Mitch figures out what Dorian is planning, by using Charlie, which leaves Dorian scrambling to protect her Cramer girls!

From his underground hideout on Llantano Mountain, Mitch plans to snag Stacy’s baby – and informs Jessica that she will raise him.

While on the hunt to find Jessica, many Llanview residents end up in a multi-car explosive crash during a snowstorm.

Natalie’s life is in danger – after she drives a getaway car while helping Brody bust John out of jail!

Stacy will meet her fate as a result of an accident.

Jessica is brainwashed, physically, into regressing back to her high school years, where she finds love.

Someone dies.

Someone gives birth.


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