One Life To Live Spoilers! SWEEPS WEEK! Week Of February 1!

*Spoiler Alert!*

Monday February 1:

After Rex takes Stacy to the hospital, because she is claiming she’s in labor – Schuyler begins to have second thoughts about going through with the plan.

Jessica fights with Mitch and is able to call Brody, but never gets a chance to talk.

After fighting Mitch continues with his plan to remove Jessica’s memory.

Dorian and Charlie go on the hunt to find  Stacy.

Brody and John are able to flee jail!

Marty comes face to face with Lowell.

Tuesday February 2:

Schuyler wants all the lies to finally end.

Marty covers up for John

Wednesday February 3:

Kim tells Rex that Stacy is in trouble!

John and Brody continue to follow Mitch’s trail.

Dorian and Charlie’s plan ends up taking a surprising turn. . .

Thursday February 4:

In order to stay alive Stacy ends up telling Mitch the truth about the baby and how it’s not Rex’s.

Rex and Fish go on a hunt for Mitch.

Many lives are in danger on Llantano Mountain.

Friday February 5:

Rex comes across something. . . .

Stacy no longer has a use for Mitch.

Mitch creates an even crazier plan!

Even more to come from February Sweeps!

Mitch figures out what Dorian is planning!

Natalie’s life is in danger – after she drives a getaway car while helping Brody bust John out of jail!

While on the hunt to find Jessica, many Llanview residents end up in a multi-car explosive crash during a snowstorm. Those involved in the crash, and search and rescue, will include Dorian, Charlie, Mitch’s nurse, Stacy, John, Natalie, Brody, Rex, Oliver, Marty, Kim and Schuyler – and a few more…

Natalie dreams of Jared.

Rex flips out after Schuyler tells him the truth.

Rex goes after Schuyler when he hears the truth!!!

Stacy will meet her fate as a result of an accident, which involves an ice-covered area.

Jessica is brainwashed, physically, into regressing back to her high school years, where she finds love.

Stacy gives birth and Gigi helps her!

Gigi tries to protect Stacy’s baby.

Gigi tries to protect the baby

Stacy Dies!!!


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