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My Special Seed Grew! Build a Bearville

Finally!  After a week of watering, fertilizing, clipping weeds and shooing bugs my mystery plant grew!!!  Its pretty awesome and heres some pics to give you an idea . . . .

Completely grown mystery plant!

 As you can see you have to click on the tree each time and then click get in to go inside! yes you can go into the tree house!!

Climbing up to get in tree house. . .

 Once you climb all the way up to get inside the tree house, just like any other room it comes with things and you can add things like furniture in. . .

inside the tree house


New Quest On Build A Bearville! Fall Frenzy!

If you havent been on Build a Bearville yet there is a new quest! It started today and ends the 25th of Novmeber.

Below is a walkthrough on haow to complete it, its long and I included lots of pictures. Sorry for the bad quility! But I think they will help you atleast get an idea of what you are doing.

When you first log on you will get this message asking if you would like to help find out what is going on. . . .
Picture 347

From there you have to go and find all the different things like piles of leaves, trees, ect. 

Head over to the friendship forest park.  There you will find the first 4 click each of the pile of leaves, the red, the orange, the yellow, and the green.
Picture 349

Go to paw park and there you will find the next 4

Picture 357

The vines and pile of purple leaves, click them both. . . . .

Picture 356

Click on the tree with the sign saying “Maxine’s Condo”. . . .

Picture 358

The last thing to click for this area is the purple tree on the bottom right corner of the screen.

Now go to the neighborhood for the last 2 . . . .
Picture 363

Click on the red leaves in the middle and the tree in the upper right corner of the screen. Once you finish you will get this message. . . .

Picture 365

It will take you to BNN where Miguel Sunshine is giving a special report.

Picture 366

Once you have listened to the whole story ChloeRocks will walk in asking for more help follow them to the Friendship Forest Park. . . .

Picture 369

Picture 370

They will ask you one more time if you would like to continue, if you click yes Bearmy will walk into the park and help you search through the leaf piles
Picture 373

Then you and the rest of them will head over to the Pawsitively green recyling center and search for clues. . . .

Picture 376

Picture 379

Click each of the areas where ChloeRocks, Bearmy, and Miguel Sunshine are searching, once you have done that a message will pop up asking if you want to follow them outside. . .
Picture 380

Then you will play a quick game, all you have to do is click on the glowing pawprints and follow them . . .
Picture 381

Picture 382

The paw prints will lead you to the Campgrounds. . . . .

Picture 386

Keep following. . .

Picture 387

Once inside the cabin you find Green Tracks, he will explain everything and why he did it, after the explaintation you will play a game. . . .

Picture 389

 At the end of the game you are rewarded 200 bear bills, but that isnt the end. Green tracks then talk about his “creation”  a special seed he made and about everything it needs to grow.  Such as the golden watering can, you will then be on the search to find it!

Picture 390

They will then take you back to the Friendship Forest Park and reward you with 500 bear bills, the golden watering can, and a packet of the seeds.

Picture 391

Hope this helps!  Please comment!

Build A Bearville Codes, Hints, and Walkthroughs!

Everyone that goes on build-a-bearville knows that codes for free things are the best!  Listed below are all the codes I found and tested to make sure they can still be used for other people to use.

*Note: the dashes in the code are to make them easy to read, when entering just type complete word not dashes, spaces, or additional marks.

Code             Result
MILK-RCKS-2008 – Milk (Held in hand)
NGKS-BABV-2008 – Explorer’s Hat
J955-K8S5-3WX9 – Gives you cow hat
Y226-BW25-DX63 – Gives you the Valentines Day emoticon.

7LN5-T4B5-44YH – Adds 1,000 Bear Bills to your account.

PEOP-BABW-2008 – Adds 1,000 Bear Bills to your account.

EMBY-BABV-2008 – Adds 1,000 Bear Bills to your account.

24T7-5347-CH6G – Corbin Bleu Poster (For Cub Condo).

3QGG-WM48-35MQ – Pom Poms (Held in hand).

N2FV-PQ7L-79R3 – Locker (For Cub Condo).

JBM4-4YV3-5578 – Megaphone (Held in hand).

TM45-ZWX9-J732 – cheerleading move (spilts in the air).

MILK-RCKS-0808 – Cow Bell (Worn around neck).

nhks-babv-2008 – Safari Hat.

82ND-7V66-VLSM – Voting T-Shirt.

0023           – then any random numbers for a beach towel.

S334-6Q32-6SN5 – for a hannah montana outfit.

6238-6897-Q96V – For the Puerto Rican Flag.

bear-hugs-2008 – bear hugs tee.

NGK4-BABV-2008 – for free snow boots.

9TWV-9J24-XTDK – Sleigh.

WS53-7VJ6-7Y33 – Snow Globe.

5J48-25N7-96N6 – Silver & Gold Wrapped Present.

65YC-JB8S-3C42 – Dreidel.

87J3-48YH-SPPZ – Wii Emoticon.

X9CN-QXF2-Y88Y – Sewing Machine.

23D2-DSCZ-C968 – Playhouse.

368F-K6KM-4V53 – Time To Paws Frame.

79T5-2N9G-9234 – Happy Bearthday Frame.

6S87-223B-78H2 – Pawfect Princess Frame.

983W-9J9R-3H6Q – Be Beariffic Frame.

3347-229F-MP3V – Pawsome Soccer Figurine.

893R-SL9F-3GLC – Friendship Is A Gift Figurine.

HG3R-4266-6R35 – Time To Paws Figurine.

BYKL-23CW-ZC62 – Beary Sweet Figurine.

F542-3443-9NJL – Bear Ballet – Paint Your Own Figurine.

JBQC-R6K7-W46M – Bearthday Bear – Paint Your Own Figurine.

RH7K-4X3W-88MG – Bakers Apron Set.

D822-Z895-KC9W – Be Beariffic snow globe.

QCRH-7S42-S24R – Pawfect Princess snow globe.

MRCC-4FS8-FH6M – Happy Bearthday snow globe

QR33-66DY-5XCS – 100% Pawsome Cheerleader snow globe.

9TWV-9J24-XTDK – Sleigh.

WS53-7VJ6-7Y33 – Snow Globe.

5J48-25N7-96N6 – Silve & Gold Wrapped Present.

65YC-JB8S-3C42 – Dreidel.

S334-6Q32-6SN5 – Purple Diva Outfit.

9N84-G72J-YMT6 – Purple Diva Outfit.

W3YH-8B45-527M – 1000 bearbills.

7LN5-T4B5-44YH – 1000 bearbills.

J94P-WJ64-NX2K – 1000 bearbills.

NGK3-BABV-2008 – 1000 bearbills.

3QGG-WM48-35MQ – Pompoms.

N2FV-PQ7L-79R3 – Locker.

FREE-BEAR-BILL – 500 Bear Bills

YOUR-FREE-GIFT – Yoyo Emotion


TOUR-BABW-0293 – Las Vegas Poster

TOUR-BABW-8564 – Bossier City Poster

TOUR-BABW-5634 – Nashville Poster

TOUR-BABW-0704 – Bloomington Poster

TOUR-BABW-7270 – New York City Poster

TOUR-BABW-1837 – Niagra Falls Poster

TOUR-BABW-0045 – Barboo Poster

TOUR-BABW-4549 – Myrtle Beach Poster

TOUR-BABW-1010 – Chicago Poster

TOUR-BABW-7539 – Boston Poster

TOUR-BABW-7639 – Orlando Poster

If you use any of these and they do not work please let me know.  Or if you find any more and would like me to add it to my list also let me know :).