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One Life To Live Spoilers! SWEEPS WEEK! Week Of February 1!

*Spoiler Alert!*

Monday February 1:

After Rex takes Stacy to the hospital, because she is claiming she’s in labor – Schuyler begins to have second thoughts about going through with the plan.

Jessica fights with Mitch and is able to call Brody, but never gets a chance to talk.

After fighting Mitch continues with his plan to remove Jessica’s memory.

Dorian and Charlie go on the hunt to find  Stacy.

Brody and John are able to flee jail!

Marty comes face to face with Lowell.

Tuesday February 2:

Schuyler wants all the lies to finally end.

Marty covers up for John

Wednesday February 3:

Kim tells Rex that Stacy is in trouble!

John and Brody continue to follow Mitch’s trail.

Dorian and Charlie’s plan ends up taking a surprising turn. . .

Thursday February 4:

In order to stay alive Stacy ends up telling Mitch the truth about the baby and how it’s not Rex’s.

Rex and Fish go on a hunt for Mitch.

Many lives are in danger on Llantano Mountain.

Friday February 5:

Rex comes across something. . . .

Stacy no longer has a use for Mitch.

Mitch creates an even crazier plan!

Even more to come from February Sweeps!

Mitch figures out what Dorian is planning!

Natalie’s life is in danger – after she drives a getaway car while helping Brody bust John out of jail!

While on the hunt to find Jessica, many Llanview residents end up in a multi-car explosive crash during a snowstorm. Those involved in the crash, and search and rescue, will include Dorian, Charlie, Mitch’s nurse, Stacy, John, Natalie, Brody, Rex, Oliver, Marty, Kim and Schuyler – and a few more…

Natalie dreams of Jared.

Rex flips out after Schuyler tells him the truth.

Rex goes after Schuyler when he hears the truth!!!

Stacy will meet her fate as a result of an accident, which involves an ice-covered area.

Jessica is brainwashed, physically, into regressing back to her high school years, where she finds love.

Stacy gives birth and Gigi helps her!

Gigi tries to protect Stacy’s baby.

Gigi tries to protect the baby

Stacy Dies!!!


One Life To Live Spoilers for Feb. Sweeps Week!!! 2010!

*Spoiler Alert!*

February Sweeps!

Mitch figures out what Dorian is planning, by using Charlie, which leaves Dorian scrambling to protect her Cramer girls!

From his underground hideout on Llantano Mountain, Mitch plans to snag Stacy’s baby – and informs Jessica that she will raise him.

While on the hunt to find Jessica, many Llanview residents end up in a multi-car explosive crash during a snowstorm.

Natalie’s life is in danger – after she drives a getaway car while helping Brody bust John out of jail!

Stacy will meet her fate as a result of an accident.

Jessica is brainwashed, physically, into regressing back to her high school years, where she finds love.

Someone dies.

Someone gives birth.

One Life To Live Spoilers! Week Of December 7, 2009

*Spoiler Alert*



Monday December 7:

Ross takes Blair hostage.

Fish and Jonh go looking for the people who beat up Nick.

Layla and Chris have a romantic time.


Tuesday December 8:

Kim overhears Neval and Nigeil talking about Bo and Nora’s affair.

Natalie finally goes crazy after Jared death.

Fish reassures Nick he will be ok.

Wednesday December 9:

John tries to protect Natalie from doing something she will regret.

Natalie sets out for revenge on Mitch.

Charlie’s emotions begin to get to him.

Thursday December 10:

Kim vows to always get what she wants.

Stacy continues to play mind games.

Blair tries to get to Ross.

Friday December 11:

Rex comes to a decision.

Bo talks to Ross.

Tea worries with Todd about Dani.

One Life To Live Spoilers! Week of November 30, 2009

*Spoiler Alert*


Monday November 30:

Jessica reads the letter from Mitch sent from jail.

Kim meets with Clint and lies about Jared giving her a job before he died. . . . Clint believes her!

Schuyler thinks about what would happen if he told Gigi what Stacy told him.

Rex goes to Stacy and tells her about Mitch.

Dani goes back to the hospital and tries to hide in Matthews room.

David slips about Bo and Nora after arguing with Kevin.

Tuesday December 1:

Rex tells Jessica that him and her are brother/sister.

Roxy comforts Natalie.

Charlie is haunted by his past

Todd plans on being there for Dani as a father, Tea tries to convince him other wise.

Tea tells Todd the Blair knew the whole time.

John hears news about Mitch.

Wednesday December 2:

Dorian takes place as mayor.

Mitch shocks many, when he gets out of jail!

Natalie hopes Mitch doesn’t get out with no harm done.

Thursday December 3:

Mitch goes after Charlie.

Dorian gets serious about her new mayor title.

Ross and Todd have a fight over Dani.

Friday December 4:

Dorian is threatened by Mitch, in what way is what we will find out. . . .


The hostage situation is actually when Ross takes Dani and tries to run away with her. . . .

One Life To Live Spoilers! Week of November 23, 2009

*Spolier Alert*



Monday November 23:

When Kim and Stacy get caught by Schuyler they lie to him and say the baby is actually his. . . . even though we knows its Fish’s.

Mitch desides to write a letter to Jessica and gets it sent to her!

Todd rescues Tea from Ross!  Then confronts her about her daughter!

Natalie warns Rex not to contact Mitch.

Natalie and Rex reject Roxy. . .Roxy becomes upset.


Tuesday November 24:

After getting caught and lieing Stacy and Kim make a deal with Schuyler – Schuyler stays queit about the baby’s paternity and Kim and Stacy won’t tell Rex about Gigi leaving his room.

After hearing Ross attaked Tea, Dani blames Todd for it all.

Dani ends up calling the cops!

Dani tells everybody that Todd and Tea were kidnapping her!

Todd finds out Dani is his daughter!!!

Markko confesses to Dorian.

Viki steps down as mayor!


Wednesday November 24:

Everybody in Llanview celebrates Thanksgiving!

Matthew feels his legs!!!

Dorian has to decide if she wants power, or love. . . .


Thursday November 25:


Though they will be playing a repeat.


Friday November 26:

Again. . .  NO ONE LIFE TO LIVE : (


Because Viki Steps down Dorian takes place as Mayor!


lol personally i think Crystal Hunt (the person who plays Stacy) has to be a good actor to act so mean. . .

One Life to Live Spoilers! Week of November 16, 2009

*Spoiler Alert*


Monday November 16:

Natalie is torn to pieces as she watches Jared’s body get taken away!

Rex demands that he gets answers from Roxy.

Nora and Bo hear more about Matthew’s surgery, it wasn’t a success.

After hearing about Matthew’s surgery Greg works on him and tells Nora and Bo that he thinks he’ll walk again!

After Markko hears Dorian lost the election by only one vote he confesses to Langston.


Tuesday November 17:

 Clint’s phone call filles Bo and Nora with guilt.

Blair prevents Todd from telling Tea his true feelings.

Rachel urges Tea to tell the truth about Dani.


Wednesday November 18:

Natalie is consumed by reality.

Blair makes her move.

Charlie gets filled with guilt.


Thursday November 19:

Natalie lashes out at John.

Jessica demands some answers.

Tea tells Ross the truth about how Dani is not his daughter!


Friday November 20:

Stacey goes after Roxy.

Todd finds out Dani is his daughter.

Ross gets violent!


Something happens in Llanview that turns into a hostage situation. . .

Hostage Situation




One Life to Live Spoilers! Week of November 9, 2009



Monday November 9:

Jared vows that he is innocent.

Jessica comes across something shocking . . . .Nash’s dead body!!!

A “Mystery Man” reveals himself to Natalie, Jared and Jessica!

Gigi confesses while she is drunk to Schuyler, who refuses to make love to her.

Rex finds out who is real father is. . . . Mitch!

Fish is called away from his first date back with Kyle. . . . he’s called to investigate Nash’s grave robbery!

Cris and Layla get some advice.


Tuesday November 10:

Natalie, Jessica and Jared are faced with Mitch. a.k.a the Mystery Man.

Rex can’t believe who his father is. . . .Mitch.

Bo, Nora and Tea find out Matthew and Dani took off out of the school to get Matthews surgery.


Wednesday November 11:

Brody and John have to rush to save Natalie and Jessica.

Blair witnesses some of Ross’ bad side.

Viki promises to always be there for Charlie.


Thursday November 12:

Jared’s life is in danger. . . . he gets shot!!!

Blair and Ross make a deal.

Elijah begs Tea to tell Todd about how Dani is his daughter.


Friday November 13:

Rex faces off with Roxy about Mitch being his father.

Bo and Nora are too late and can’t stop Matthew’s surgery.

Charlie’s past resurfaces.

Jared gets shot!
Jared gets shot!

Reports say the character of Jared is leaving Llanview for good.  .  .  .  .

Mitch is going to be affecting lots of people, including Viki, Dorian, Jessica, and Natalie.